Delivering Excellence to Our Customers and Employees

Structural Group's dedication to its customers and employees lays the foundation for our business practices. We understand that creating a team environment will ensure success beyond expectations.


Our Company Culture

Our Mission and Our Vision define our daily purpose and aspiration for our company in terms of our customers, our employees and the way we manage ourselves and our business.

Our Operating Principles help us realize our Mission and Vision by creating a culture that values Teamwork, Performance and Excellence.  They guide us in building a positive work environment that provides the support our employees need to continually exceed our customers’ expectations.  We care for our employees, our employees care for our customers and we have fun while we’re at it.

We call this...



Our Mission

  • Make new and existing structures stronger and last longer
  • To provide an enriching work experience for our people so they develop, have fun, and grow with us



Our Vision

  • To be the industry leader in developing and implementing technology driven solutions that make new and existing structures stronger and last longer
  • Create a growth environment for our people that is fun and caring



Our Operating Principles


    • Be positively focused in all situations and interactions; turn every problem into an opportunity
    • Engage your team; solutions are found within your team
    • Leadership is all around us
    • Learn and teach
    • Hire people for the right qualities
    • Give without expecting anything in return
    • Set clear goals and expectations with your team
    • Continually challenge your team and yourself to excel
    • Plan and execute; success is in the details
    • See and be seen
    • Encourage improvement
    • Celebrate success with your team often
    • Safety 24/7 – Know it, live it
    • Quality – Know it, deliver it
    • Be creative
    • Do the right thing
    • Exceed your customer’s expectations